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Our Mission: "Saving Lives By Empowering Youth To Be Drug Free And Encouraging Parents

To Communicate Effectively With Their Children About The Dangers Of Drugs"

View the comments and stories from students, parents, educators and more about how the drug prevention programs and drug prevention speaker, Ginger Katz, has made an impact on their lives.

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Name: Timothy Williamson
E-mail: twilliamson7@rr.cfl.com
Date: 07/12/2006
From: Cleveland, Ohio -- currently residing in Ocoee, Florida
Home Page: http://
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Comments: I watched your program once while in Cleveland on the Public Access
Channel on Adelphia Cable, and also just saw it again on Bright House Networks Ocoee Government Channel in Florida... thought that is was a very poignant message that needs to be stressed to young people that think about using drugs...I myself have never had that type of addiction, but I do know I grew up with in the neighboorhood I grew up in in Cleveland as well as relatives that have and had substance abuse problems and have seen first hand what they can do in a person\'s life...also have felt some of the burdens that it can put on you as a relative of one that has those issues as well as how it affects other relatives...God Bless you and your work in educating young people about this subject...

Name: Steven D.
Date: May 5, 2006
From: Connecticut
Home Page: http://
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Comments: You came to my school and I listened to what you had to say. Your words came to me with a great impact and taught me a great lesson. Now I see, you prove that one person can make a difference. Please stick to your beliefs, and thankyou.

Name:   Michael Ruger

E-mail: rug@pa.net

Date:   March 25,2006

From:   Shermansdale Penna.

Home Page:  http://

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Comments:   My son also died of an Overdose .It was a form of Heroin.November 30, 2003. He was to go back to college that very day after Thanksgiving Vacation.

Only days before he made us cry because we were so proud of all he did to get his life in order. His grades were terrific. He made a choice of a career he wanted to pursue. He even cut his long hair to a more common business like haircut.

Oh the things I could have should have done instead of encouraging him to go out with his friends. The day before his death his mother had trouble getting him up to go to work. His job was open to him to earn extra money anytime he would come home.

Then the night before my son's death. We talked a little bit. The talk wasn't father and son but of two equal people. Then the phone rang and his friend wanted him to go out and do something. My son said no I think I'll stay home with dad. I said son if you really want to go out go ahead.

My son and his friend came back about 2 AM they go to his room and watch videos About 5 am my son comes in and asked his mother if we bought him a TV/VCR for his college room. We told him he would have it to take back after Christmas Break. My son leaves our room saying him and his friend were going out to walk around a bit. They come back about half and hour later. I get up and they are both in his room again watching movies about 7:30 am, his friend passes me says he has to leave for a family church thing. We joke like we always did. My wife kisses my son goodbye; she had to work that Sunday. I walk passed his room and say too him "You better get some rest it will be a long drive back to college" He nods so I leave him alone. I still hear the video playing.

Sometime around 12noon I start calling him. It was a game we played. No response! I wait another 15 minutes and go in a shake him. He was lying on his bed with his feet hitting the floor. I shook him several times No response.

I glanced carefully at him to see if he was breathing. This is when I tried to fool myself. I walked out his room yelling at him to get up. I actually went all the way back to my chair and sat down for an instant. Then my heart jumped up in my throat. I had to go back into his room just steps away. Each step my chest got tighter. I was yelling Come on Dan get up. I went back in his room .Dan was still at the same positions as he was only 2 minutes ago.

I got onto his bed.. His body slipped a little more off of it. I pulled on him.  He wasn't cold or anything. I slapped him in the face several times to try to wake him up. There wasn't any response. Then after watching so many movies and tv shows on the way medical people checked to see if someone was dead. I did it I checked both of his eyes. Could I describe what I saw in Dan\'s once beautiful eyes today or even when the paramedics came shortly after? My mind won\'t allow me to relive that sight again of Dan\'s eyes. Oh I knew he was gone, but

I tried doing mouth to mouth. I tried hitting him on the chest. I tried picking him up and walking him around. The coroner said Dan had been dead for hours as much as 5 or 6 when he arrived around 2 something PM. The State Police were also there. I game them permission to search his room and car. It was around then I called my wife at her work. I said something is wrong with Dan I think he is dead. My wife\'s boss drove her home in about 45 minutes. My wife and I looked at each other. I had thought I was done crying but it started all over again. Still Dan\'s body was on his bed. My wife got to go in a kiss him goodbye. There wasn't a dry eye on the ambulance and paramedic crew. After Dan\'s body was taken out for an autopsy .The State Police left .The ambulance crew left .The coroner said a few words then left. Then all that was left was my wife and I. We walked back into our long time home. I turned on the TV as my wife started making calls to her relatives. I don\'t know what was on TV.I just watched the light. It was the next day when I called my two sisters and a few other relatives. They came over, but what could they do? My one niece made up a huge meal which lasted us 3 days heating parts of it up. About 4 days after my son\'s death we got word that the Funeral Director had got Dan's body. We could view it the next day before it was taken to the crematorium. Dan's Girlfriend who went to the same college In fact was to drive Dan back to college wanted to go along. Dan knew this girl for quite a few years and we kind of treated her like a daughter. Anyway we left her have some private time with Dan. She looked like she expected Dan to get up and leave with her. She read him poetry had one way discussions with him. We finally had to go back in and make sure she was ok. Then we all took are last look at Dan My two sisters, my wife\'s two sisters.

Dan's Girlfriend, My Wife and Myself. As I looked at him He didn't look too bad. My wife kissed him one last time and I just touched his lifeless had and patted it with my other hand. About 3 days later we picked up Dan\'s Ashes. His memorial was to be that Saturday but it snowed just enough to cancel it at his church. We rescheduled it for December 09, 2003.This would have been Dan's 21st birthday

Name: Sarah
E-mail: Angeleyez@aol.com
Date: 3/8/06
From: Norwalk, CT
Home Page: http://
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Comments: I think what you\'ve been doing all this time, warning people about drugs, and telling them your experience is extravagant. I attend Nathan Hale Middle School and I was at school when you came to speak one day and I just want to tell you that even if you might\'ve not touched one person you touched me and I wanted you to know that. By having the courage to speak gives people all the strength needed to go on...KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING IT\'S GREAT!!

Name: susan r. foose
E-mail: sufoo2@aol.com
Date: march 3, 2006
From: ventnor, new jersey
Home Page: http://P2P@raproom.org
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Comments: No coincidence we as parents and concerned citizens eventually find one another not only to honor and remember our children\'s lives, but to expand others fund of knowledge about addiction in the hopes we can help prevent anyone else walking in our shoes. My name is Susan Foose and I know our sensitive souls in heaven continue to affect the lives of others to help make it a better world. Their spirits continue to be strong and I thank G-d everyday Bryan was my son...i got to love and be loved as a mother. Bryan showed me my capacity to love someone. Everyone deserves the opportunity to seek recovery. I will keep everyone in my prayers and hope I can be with you on the eventful day in rememberance and in hope.

Susan Foose,
Ventnor, NJ...

Name: elizabeth martinez
E-mail: lyzmrtnz@yahoo.com
Date: 02-21-2006
Home Page: http://
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Name: Lisa Goulart
E-mail: lgoulart4@yahoo.com
Date: 02/17/06
From: Woodbury Ct
Home Page: http://
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Comments: My step-mom forwarded your article in the HOUR paper because i
have a middle schooler. I just started browsing your website. What a
wonderful, brave thing you are doing. How do i go about getting you to come
to our town? To both the Middle School and High School?

Name: mike
E-mail: yalg17@aol.com
Date: 2/17/06
From: California
Home Page: http://
Where did you find us? AOL

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Comments: First i want to say i feel your pain from your son\'s lost. I myself am a survivor of two overdoses one from alcohol at age 15 one from cold pills at 16 Both almost took my life. I am almost 18 now and am in recovery for my alcoholism and drug addiction. I want to thank you for having the courage to speak for you have saved many from this tragic nightmare of addiction. I beg you to continue carrying this message to at risk teens. May God be with you

Name: Laura Kohlbeck
E-mail: kohlbeck@chartermi.net
Date: 2/01/2006
From: Petoskey, MI
Home Page:
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Comments: This is one of the best websites that I have found regarding informing the public of drugs and the way they destroy so many lives. As the mother of a recovering drug addict (he is 19); we have been trying to get the word out locally about the disease of chemical addiction and how poplular drugs are in our area. This site has given me a lot of ideas. I hope to speak with you personally Ginger. Maybe someday we can meet. You are a true inspiration and I admire you for taking a tragedy and turning it into a positive.

Name: Pris Sharpe
E-mail: psharpe@cg.state.sc.us
Date: 1-25-2006
From: west columbia, south carolina
Home Page:
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Comments: I have such respect for your story and plight......my son stephen at 21 yrs old, also overdosed on heroin july 25, 2004. i still feel numb some days but can now smile when i think of him smiling or laughing. the addiction still haunts me but its something i process little by little each day.....hoping to find this \"big answer\" when, infact, i never will.
thank you for the opportunity to sympathize/empathize with you.....everyone.

Name: Sandy Miller
E-mail: smiller2006@comcast.net
Date: 01/24/2006
From: Norwalk, Connecticut
Home Page: http://
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Comments: I knew Ian and his family. We use to sneak out and meet eachother with friends when we were young. It has been nearly ten years.... and all I still see is his smile. I was not close with Ian during the years he used drugs..... I had changed schools and eventually moved, but I talked to him from time to time to catch up. I miss him. I think of my old friend often, and sometimes wake up at night because I do not understand. He was my first crush, my first kiss..... I have a young son of my own now, I hope he will be as bright, intelligent and kind as Ian was. Sandy

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