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Drug Prevention Curriculum for Grades 4-6

The Courage to Speak® Foundation’s substance use prevention Curriculum for Grades 4-6 (8 Sessions) teaches young students to follow healthy lifestyles and avoid drug use and drug abuse. The drug prevention program is implemented by teachers in schools and supports children in avoiding drugs by giving them a toolbox of knowledge of childhood drug use effects and refusal skills. Launched in 2007, the Drug Prevention Programs for Grades four to seven were developed by the Courage to Speak® Foundation, Inc., is built around Ms. Katz’s drug awareness book, Sunny’s Story, and is a compelling message of empowering youth to be drug free and say no to drugs. Many parents and school systems have ordered Sunny’s Story as part of their drug abuse education programming and as a stand-alone book as well. This story has been read in elementary, middle and high schools. It is designed to speak to children at every age about the harmful effects of drug addiction.

Targeting children of all ages and parents, Sunny’s Story tells the story of joyful and sad times, and of how a dog’s best friend was needlessly lost. Sunny’s Story is a compelling read about drug use and drug abuse for children, teenagers, parents, grandparents and teachers. Through this universal story of love, compassion, caring and understanding, Ms. Katz has brought new life to her message of empowering youth to be drug free. The family dog and narrator, Sunny, is a keen and intelligent observer of damage done by childhood alcohol use and other drug use to his master, Ian. He tells a heart-warming, but tragic story that will make readers, young and old, think twice about drug and alcohol abuse choices being made every day.

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History of the Drug Prevention Curricula

“Mom, I want to get help.” Ian had decided that he was going to go to rehab the next morning. Those were some of his last spoken words to her. That night, Ian’s dog, Sunny, climbed four flights of stairs to try and wake Ginger, to let her know that something was terribly wrong with Ian. Sunny’s message was undelivered. Ian’s words and promise to get help in the morning rocked Ginger into a deep sleep. It was the best night’s sleep she’d had since first receiving the call that Ian was using heroin. Never did she think Ian would go downstairs and do the drug one more time. He did not have a second chance.

The Drug Prevention Book

Through the years, as Ginger recalled that moment over and over, she realized that if Sunny could talk, he would have had a lot to say. Sunny’s undelivered message tugged at Ginger. Sunny had been trying to tell her something important that night- he wanted and needed her help. In 2004, 8 years after Ian’s drug related death, Ginger decided she would write a drug prevention book about Ian’s life and loss from Sunny’s perspective. The family beagle tells the story.

Sunny’s Story has inspired thousands of children all over the country to vow “Not to do drugs.” It is part of The Courage to Speak® Drug Prevention Program at every level and is read at dinner tables across the country.

The Courage to Speak® Foundation’s Drug Prevention Curriculum (a series of eight activities) is built around Sunny’s Story and provides students with the tools they need to keep the vow to say no to drugs and alcohol.

Ginger has transformed a personal tragedy into a beacon of hope. Parents and their children need to talk openly and honestly about all of life’s challenges, but particularly about the dangers of alcohol and other drug use. Communication between them must be clear and consistent. The Courage to Speak® Foundation has told the story of how to save young lives in over 1000 presentations given across the country to hundreds of thousands of people. Now Sunny is telling the story.

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