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Miss Katz, I don't know you, and you don't know me.You've never visited my town, and I've never seen you in person.But I stumbled upon courage to speak while looking for newspaper articles on courage, for a school project, and I tore the site apart.I read the newspaper article over and over again, I read all the letters from teens like me, I went through every link, and I'm still re-reading it.I havn't encountered death from addiction, but I've suffered from addiction its self.My mother was never around when I was a child, always in rehab, or jail, or off doing drugs. My grandmother (who was taking care of me at the time, and is still caring for me) made excuses, saying that she was busy dealing with her self, and I didn't understand until I was atleast nine. As I was going through that awkward fase of growing up, I learned more and more about my 'parents'. About my father, a man who I've never met, and about my mother, a druggie.When I was ten, we went to visit my mother in jail.Well, my grandmother did, I didn't know who my mother was, and I didn't want to speak with a woman who had decided I wasn't that important.and when I was twelve, my mother got out. Since then, she's kept a job, got a nice house, gotten married.But as soon as she came to see me, I broke down.The repressed feelings that I had hid away busted through, and I became depressed.I didn't eat that much, I cut myself, and I became addicted to ecstasy, or any other pill I could find. Adiral was a favorite.I just managed to quit, for the sake of my best friend, Jude.He's the one that has kept me clean for three months now.And let me tell you, withdrawal wasn't fun.I get depressed easier, and I'm a bit twitchy and paranoid from time to time, but Jude keeps me in line.I don't even take advil or tylenol any more.My name is __________. I'm a fifteen year old recovering addict.I don't know you, but you know me.



by Tyrone

Ginger Katz is her name

Saving young lives is her game

Come on now just check out our domain


Mrs. Katz is here to save the world from drugs

Like I said before she doesn't want us to end up like thugs


Mrs Katz rocks don't you think so too

Don't you ever dare to give a boo


You cant forget about Larry hes my man

Once he heard kids were doing drugs guess what he did... he ran


I don't know about you but I'm with Mrs Katz all the way

I'm telling you the truth even night and day


Without Mrs Katz Sunny's Story would never had been created

we went through this already we already debated


Were here to save your lives

Come on don't tell me you don't feel me vibes


We need your thoughts go ahead send them through her email

like i said we are trying to prevent you form going to jail

Dear Mrs. Katz,

I have some great news.my mom ordered the book already!!! Now here's my plan: 1- I will give the story to my cousins and other family members, 2-Then I will let them read the 1st chapter, 3- Then I will take it back. So what do you think about this plan. After they are finished reading they will get on their knees and BEG for the book (literally) because when I read the book the first chapter really got me as in persuaded me to turn the next page. So your theory was correct I am a man on a mission...I mean we are on a mission. I PROMISE I will get as many people to buy the book and to make sure they spread the word about the book. I will remember to tell them about your website so they can visit and write a comment. I will also tell them about your plan and how you want to save lives in the world. Don't worry I got your back. We dominate together. By the end of the year you will DEFINITELY sell over 50 billion copies of the book (I hope so). Remember we are on a mission!!!



"I learned from Sunny's Story that no matter how much someone pressures me to take drugs, I shouldn't do it because I will have to pay a lot of consequences in the future."

"I leanred from Sunny's story is to never try or think about using or think about use drug, cigarettes or alcohol."

"I hope you can come to our class because I want to ask you a few questions. I know Candi is your daughter, but why wasn't she mentioned a lot in Sunny's Story? Also, how did Candi take Ian's death? Lastly, I want to ask you if Sunny died because the end of your story it says that you have a beagle named Abby."

"What I learned from Sunny's Story is that you should never do drugs because you could really hurt people but mostly yourself. I also learned that when you meet new friends on the first day of HS never hang around with them if they do drugs."

"I learned that drugs can damage your body. for example lung cancer."

"I hope you can spend more time with my 6th grade."

"Sunny's Story was good. I didn't want to stop reading it."

Ms.Katz,havent talked to you in a long while,anyway,after the last message i have read Sunnys story 5 times,i yust love your book.My teacher gets surprised when he saw how many times i have read it.

Dear Mrs. Katz,

Let me just begin by saying that you are a very courageous, brave, and strong woman all around. I am an eighth grade student from Danvers, I saw your presentation today. I was truly amazed by your courage to speak out and help other kids and teens prevent or help stop addictions. After your presentation, I went straight to the library and took out a copy of "Sunny's Story". I read the whole book in less than an hour. I came home from school and sat in my back yard and began to read. Your book is amazing and your will and courage is unbelievable. I started reading "Sunny's Story" and didn't put it down once. Your presentation taught me so much about the dangers of drugs, and has made me think twice about disobeying or questioning my parents decisions. I can not express enough how inspired I was by your work. I was near close to crying during your presentation and I cried while reading the book. I want to make it so clear to you how many lives you could be saving. I absolutely adore your decision to reach out and help these kids and teens. My mom is going to read the book tomorrow, and I'm sure she will find it as incredible as I did. But again, I can not express enough how touched I was. My little sister, is sitting on the chair in the living room right now as we speak reading it. She is 9 years old. I also would like to bring up your daughter, Candi. I have a cousin who has down syndrome. His name is Dougie. I know how hard, yet how wonderful, it is to be blessed with a family member who has survived through such a terrible disease. Candi is a strong girl though, living through all the tough times. I would greatly appreciate for you to reply to this email. May you and your family live long, happy, healthy lives.

An inspired young woman,

Vicki, 8th grader

Ginger Katz and Larry Katz are very warm hearted to have the courage to speak out and tell us the story of there son. Today Ginger and Larry came West Rocks which is my school and as they spoke i thought to myself "if no one smoked, drinked or did drugs, this world would be a much better place for every one". I really appreciate what ginger and Larry do and i think the people at my school do too, and i think every one else should. I'm reading the book "Sunny's Story" and i think it is the best book i have read yet. I think that Ginger and Larry have been threw hard things but they stood up and said "I'm going to speak up" and i really admire them both, And i think that everyone that has lost some one that they really love go threw hard things but there life's keep going on and eventually they recover and get better

Mrs. Katz,

The book Sunny's Story was a great book! It really shows people that one little sip or puff can lead to other drugs which brings about death. I also believe that this is a great educator for parents as well. Most parents believe that it could never happen to their child because their child is a good kid. However Ian was a great kid and it shows you that even the good kids can be roped into drugs. This is also good for kids because most kids stereotype drug addicts. For example most kids usually say that one particular group of people only do drugs at their school, meanwhile their best friend is on drugs. I also believe that telling the story from Sunny's side is a great way to get kids attached. I know my brothers and sisters were interested in the book because of that. If it was another book about kids doing drugs I don't think they would be interested because they would think they are too young. However this book is aimed for children of their age, so that they can be educated on the horrors of drugs at an early age.

The book really was great and I believe that what you are doing is great. Thank you very much Mrs. Katz and I hope to see you soon.



A Drug Prevention Book Available Now  

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