Our Mission: "Saving Lives By Empowering Youth To Be Drug Free And Encouraging Parents

To Communicate Effectively With Their Children About The Dangers Of Drugs"

“The Courage to Speak presentation is unique because of the degree of emotion Ginger Katz brings to it. I have a strong sense of people walking out of there alerted. The program cuts through denial and can be a really important catalyst to help others take action.”

Dr. Thomas Kirk, (Former) CT State Commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services

“The students found the program to be compelling. Even though it has been several days since your visit, many are still talking about it. One senior remarked that the program’s strength was in its difference (from other programs). Another student commented that it was clear that you were speaking to them out of concern rather than speaking at them. Many faculty members have commented positively on the program A Department Chair said'…You know, I am usually the one grumbling about losing class time; but this program was well worth it.”

William W. Taylor, Associate Headmaster, Trinity-Pawling, NY

“After you finished I overheard many students discussing your talk, and the impact it had on them. I have no doubt that your visit…will save lives.”

Dr. Norman Zamcheck, Former Principal, Richard C. Briggs High School

“The day after your talk the upper school was a lively place. It was filled with conversation about the evening before. It is immeasurable the number of lives you save by your openness about your experiences.”

Greenwich Country Day School

 “I believed that the benefits of the program would be the discussion of drugs. What I didn’t expect was the impact that your speaking to the students and parents would have. Many students an staff have spoken this morning and told me (that) your presentation (last night) started a discussion amongst themselves, their friends, and their children,”

Nancy Maitland, Assistant to the Dean, Fairfield University

“Your messages concerning the importance of finding at least three adults with whom to share and the importance in having the Courage To Speak are two of the most profound messages that the students could possibly receive concerning drug abuse.”

Judith M. Punshon, Staples High School

“I believe that Ginger’s presentation is one which is suitable for all students including elementary students. The Courage To Speak program has my highest recommendation as a program for students, parents, and staff.”

Dr. Lynne Moore, Principal of West Rocks Middle School

“I want to thank you for coming to our High School last night to speak with our parents and students. Your presentation was most important and helped me to gain a different perspective about the impact we have on students and their families. I found myself quite involved in the presentation and I have not stopped thinking about it since I left the High School last night. Your story was very moving and I think it had a very serious impact on everyone who was in attendance. Thank you so much for your courage and honesty to speak to the High School community about the serious nature of substance abuse and the impact it had on your lives. I am certain that the students will remember this presentation long after they leave High School.”

Coordinator of Fine Arts, Health and Physical Education 

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