Our Mission: "Saving Lives By Empowering Youth To Be Drug Free And Encouraging Parents

To Communicate Effectively With Their Children About The Dangers Of Drugs"

Comments from Parents

“To listen to someone who really knows it from a first-hand point of view and the worst of the worse scenarios – it’s just incredibly beneficial. If not for this program, we very likely would not have stopped her [daughter] when we did and we also would not have been prepared with a necessary course of action”

"Listening to Ginger gave me the courage to make the hard decisions needed to help our son who is an alcohol and heroin addict receive the treatment he needed. Parents who love their children can ill afford not to invest their time to attend, learn and understand how they can help their most precious possession, their children."

"As the father of a young man who is involved to some degree as Ian was, I found your discussion to be chillingly all too familiar. My son, too, has experienced the anger, pain, frustration and isolation that accompany drug use. My wife and I live with the fear of what will happen next. I have vowed to bring the spiritual back into my three sons' lives in hopes that it will help. It beats driving to counselors, waiting in police stations and receiving those terrifying late-night phone calls."

“It taught me questions to ask…I found out that, yes, they are offered drugs all the time.”

“Dear Ginger,

I wanted to thank you for speaking recently at Reed Intermediate School in Newtown. My son recapped your story and our entire family was captivated and touched. It was very obvious to me that it made a dramatic impact on my fifth grader. It also served as a natural segway into more conversations about drugs/alcohol. I wanted you to know when I posed the scenario of friends at a party deciding to try drugs "just once" how important it will be for him to be strong and make the right choice. He replied, "Mom, I'll just think TOI." (which means Think Of Ian!!) Thank you! Thank you! Your work makes a big difference in so many young lives and brings the subject to the forefront for parents to face and openly discuss. Lauren Elliott

"On our way home from your presentation, my son told me he knew of kids in his eighth grade class who were taking drugs. On the way to your talk, he had emphatically said just the opposite.Thank-you for enabling him to confide in us."

"Your son reminded me of mine. He, too, is an athlete. On our way home after your presentation, we talked about Ian.We also talked about how dangerous it would be for a person with asthma to inhale a toxic substance. It was an important conversation which was made possible by the impact of Ian's story. I hope your words stay with him when someone approaches him someday.”

“From a Mom:
I feel compelled to write this email to you. I went to the meeting at the... High School last night and feel so moved and enlightened by both you and your husband. My only regret is not bringing my twin 12 year olds. I hope at some point you will speak to the 6th and 7th grade children at the Higgins as I understand you are speaking with the 8th grade children today. As a mother I feel I am building the foundation for my children to be successful through the years .I feel one way to minimize the dangers is to start at an earlier level. This being said and done, before it is at a party or under their nose. Unfortunately parents do not speak until it is to late. I have so many thoughts rolling around in my head after listening to you, I guess you have opened my eyes and ears. You see- I have always thought children that get hooked are from " lesser households" but after hearing you , I realize this could be any of us. Thank you !!!

The slide show is so moving and I have to let you know I cannot get your beautiful boy's face out of my head. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Peabody Ma 01960"

"You gave me insight to start my own gathering of information and outreach in my neighborhood. We need to help each other help our kids."

“I have known about Courage to Speak Foundation from when my children were in Norwalk Middle School (12 years ago) and she never tires of delivering her message about helping kids and families. It must be awful to lose a child and I think sending the message to kids is imperative. Her book Sunny's Story, is a great way to reach them as early as possible.”

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