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Mom Teaches Darien Kids To Stay Off Drugs

by Casey Donahue 10/25/11

Ginger Katz meets with Middlesex students after her talk on making smart decisions about drugs and alcohol.
Photo credit: Andrea Cragin

DARIEN, Conn. – A personal account of the dangers of substance abuse was presented to Middlesex Middle School eighth-graders when Ginger Katz gave a talk last week on her son Ian's death from a heroin overdose at the age of 20.

Katz, a Norwalk resident, told the students about how drugs robbed her son of his future and advised them to make smart choices when they are confronted with situations involving drugs and alcohol.

She also told them to find at least three adults in their lives who they can confide in about anything. Katz created the nonprofit the Courage to Speak Foundation shortly after her son's death to educate children, parents and school administrators on how to keep youth drug free.

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